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About Us

Letter from the President

The United Oil Company is proud to be the Baltimore region’s only independent heavy duty lubricant manufacturer, as well as one of the country’s oldest. But while that puts us in an exclusive category, it doesn’t begin to tell the complete story of who we are and what makes us unlike the multi-branded distributors you’re used to.

That’s because our identity is as much about traditional business principles as it is about Duralene® Heavy Duty Lubricants. The principles that inspired our establishment in 1920 and continue to guide our every move are what enable us to remain stable despite market changes.

Since the very beginning, we have put the needs of the customer above everything else. Decisions are made and courses of action taken based on long term benefits to the customer. And to make sure we are continually adapting to customer needs, I am in the field most days as a Duralene Sales Representative for many of our 1,200+ customers. While this may be different than what you are used to, it’s our independence from large corporate shareholders and commitment to the success of our customers, employees, and local communities that are valued the most.

Timothy P. Croke
President, The United Oil Company, Inc.

Our Vision

To be the region’s preeminent heavy duty lubricant supplier, growing through customer service excellence and proven product performance.

Our Mission

To be our customers’ best supplier.

Our Values

  • We put the needs of our customers above everything else.
  • We provide high quality, dependable lubricants built for maximum durability and protection.
  • We are passionate about service.
  • We work together to achieve our mission.
  • All of our interactions are conducted with professionalism, integrity, and respect.



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