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Quality & Service

Lubricant Test Samples

Heavy Duty Quality

Since 1920, customers of The United Oil Company have benefitted from consistently documented, superior quality Duralene® Heavy Duty Lubricants that are manufactured in Baltimore, Maryland.

Strict quality control and cleanliness procedures are employed to ensure products are shipped “on spec” in every package, every time. “Retain samples” for each product establish a clear chain of custody, starting at the receipt of raw materials and continuing throughout the manufacturing process. Each blend is tested to ensure it is within precise standards before we release to packaging or storage. For bulk oil customers, retain samples are taken at the point of delivery and kept on file, completing the chain of custody.

CAT Dozers and TrucksAdvanced Heavy Duty Formulations

Built for maximum durability and protection, Duralene® Heavy Duty Lubricants are formulated after extensive research and development. Established partnerships with leading global OEMs and raw material producers are consulted during product development. The wealth of knowledge and heavy duty expertise offered from these partnerships, coupled with our own local experiences, enable us to formulate world class products. And only the highest quality, performance driven base oils and additives are used.

Customer RepHeavy Duty Service

At United Oil, we put the needs of the customer above everything else. Our phones are answered by friendly, knowledgeable customer service representatives who can quickly answer application questions, fill orders, and address billing inquiries. Customer service and operations personnel are trained and empowered on every level to make decisions and take action in support of customer needs. As a result, requests are rapidly satisfied and business continues to move forward.

Duralene Sales Representative are highly motivated service professionals with an average of 20 years of lubricant industry experience. Tenacious in support of their customers, Duralene Sales Representative are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Their extensive product and application knowledge, as well as a propensity to make things happen, saves you time and money … so much that their value extends far beyond simply supplying lubricants.

In support of Duralene® Heavy Duty Lubricants, we offer services designed to extend equipment life and improve maintenance efficiencies that will immediately lower short and long term costs:

  • Dura-Check Fluid Analysis, our state-of-the-art used oil analysis program.
  • Dura-Clean Onsite Filtration mobile oil filtration to quickly remove contaminants of all sizes and types, returning clean oils to
    ​machinery for continued use.
  • Make/model/compartment-specific fluid recommendations using the world’s leading database.
  • Full-time equipment service department specializing in unique and custom equipment installations, repairs, and exchanges.

To learn more about our products or services, please explore our website or contact us.