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Antifreeze & Coolants

Today’s modern diesel engines are operating at much higher temperatures than just 10 years ago due to engine design changes, tighter engine compartments, and restricted air flow. This puts extreme performance demands on the engine's cooling system, increasing the importance of choosing the right coolant.

Different Colored Antifreeze

Are you confused by all the OEM antifreeze requirements, colors, and chemistries? Did you realize there isn’t a regulatory body over the antifreeze market and specific antifreeze claims? Two extended life coolants (ELC) that are both dyed red may have vastly different chemistries! Our Duralene Sales Representatives are highly trained professionals who can help you determine which high performance Duralene antifreeze to purchase for your fleet while maintaining warranty.

We offer a full line of Duralene Dura-Cool Coolant / Antifreezes:

  • Nitrited Extended Life Coolant/Antifreezes
  • Nitrite Free Extended Life Coolant/Antifreezes
  • Heavy Duty Global Coolant/Antifreezes
  • Automotive Coolant/Antifreezes

Contact one of our Duralene Sales Representatives to choose the right Duralene Dura-Cool Antifreeze to replace products such as Final Charge Global, Shell Rotella ELC Ultra, Chevron Delo XLC, Fleetguard ES Compleat OAT, Mobil Delvac ELC, Chevron Delo ELC, Shell Rotella ELC, and many others.

Benefits of Buying Directly from Manufacturer