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Food Grade Lubricants

The lubrication needs of the food grade industry are different than general industrial and can be particularly challenging. Understanding NSF food contact standards, as well as lubricant performance requirements, for each stage of the food grade manufacturing process are critical to making correct product recommendations. Duralene® Sales Representatives have extensive experience with food grade lubricant requirements at large and small scale plants for beverages, bakeries, spices, and roasters of all types.

Surprisingly, many lubricants used in the food and beverage industry are not registered. The United Oil Company is a master distributor of Bel-Ray Total Performance Lubricants, and inventory a full line of food grade lubricants, including:

Bel-Ray Collage

Additionally, we offer comprehensive food plant surveys and overhauls of lube storage rooms using unique tank configurations and dispensing systems. Because of new technology, today’s food grade lubricants outperform many of the traditional non-food grade lubricant products.  You no longer have to sacrifice superior equipment protection for the ultimate food safety.

Coke VA Install
Fast Can


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