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Our passion and strategic focus is heavy duty lubricants for commercial applications, and the Duralene Terrapin™ line of greases is proof of that passion. After two years of research, development, and field testing, Terrapin Blue EP and Terrapin Red EP advanced greases were launched. We believe they are the best multi-functional greases on the market.

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Using cutting edge technology, Terrapin Blue EP is a high performance grease that breaks the mold for traditional grease formulations. 

In traditional formulations, performance attributes work against one another. When the scales are tipped toward a grease that pumps (mobility) easily, it often runs out of the equipment on a hot summer’s day or in the presence of water. And if the scales are tipped toward grease tackiness and stay in place performance (adhesion), the grease is typically very hard to pump. 

Combine those characteristics with the newest in anti-wear additive technology and you have a grease that stays on-location longer to protect equipment.

Terrapin Blue EP is available in NLGI #2 (Summer) and #1 (Winter) grades.


                    Blue EP2 Chart_Web   

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Terrapin Red EP this isn’t the type of general purpose grease you can buy at the local parts or farm store. It starts with a heavy base oil and exhibits outstanding load carrying properties and mobility. Terrapin Red gets the job done!

Most manufacturers formulate their general purpose greases to meet “minimum” or “average” requirements, but The United Oil Company chose to engineer Terrapin Red EP as a heavy duty, general purpose grease that was far superior in performance to typical greases in the market.

Terrapin Red EP is a lithium complex grease made from a combination of high VI base oils and the newest performance additives that provide excellent load carrying ability, oxidation stability, rust protection and the ability to adhere to metal surfaces and resist water wash-out. Terrapin Red EP is engineered to deliver superior durability and performance over longer intervals than traditional general purpose greases.

Terrapin Red EP is available in NLGI #2 (Summer) and #1 (Winter) grades.




RedEP2 Timken Chart




ASTM D2509 - Timken OK Load Test

The Timken OK Load Test measures the extreme pressure properties of a grease. It is performed under line-to-line contact using a specific amount of load (kg) from a rotating steel roller applied to a greased block. Timpken OK Load is the heaviest load that can be carried without excessive scaring of the block.

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RedEP2 WaterSpray Chart







ASTM D4049 - Water Spray Off

The Water Spray Off test is the industry’s most consistent stay-in-place performance test. The test procedure includes the application of grease to a metal plate that is weighed. 100℉ water @ 40 psi is sprayed on the plate during the test period. The plate is then weighed and the % loss is the water spray off result.  

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