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Hydraulic Fluids

Hitch and excavatorExcavator on waterWear, corrosion, water damage, dirt contamination and ruptured hoses...these are the enemies that you fight every day when you operate hydraulic equipment. Choosing the right hydraulic oil is critical to keep equipment operational. Conventional fluids, even those that meet manufacturers’ specifications don’t always give you the extra margin of protection that heavy duty applications demand. Duralene heavy duty hydraulic fluids provide longer service life while also extending the life of your equipment. They have been tested and surpass all performance requirements of the major manufacturers of hydraulic pumps and equipment.

Duralene® Heavy Duty Lubricants offers a full line of:

  • Zinc based hydraulic fluids meeting Caterpillar requirements
  • Zinc free hydraulic fluids meeting Hitachi and Deere requirements
  • Inherently and readily biodegradable hydraulic fluids
  • Vessel General Permit hydraulic fluids
  • Multi-purpose tractor hydraulic transmission fluids
  • Multi-viscosity Maximum Efficiency Hydraulic Fluids (MEHF)
  • Low pour hydraulic fluids
  • Extremely low pour hydraulic fluids meeting MIL-PRF 5606H
  • Aerial fluids with high dielectric resistance
  • Water glycol and synthetic fire resistant hydraulic fluids
  • Synthetic fire resistant hydraulic fluids

To learn more about our hydraulic fluids, other lubrication products, or our services, please contact us.

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