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Transmission Fluids

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Transmissions operate under increasingly hotter, more hostile conditions for multiple reasons, including lighter viscosities for increased fuel economy and decreased airflow around transmissions due to space limitations as well as full economy. This presents a serious threat to long-term transmission performance and life from both high temperature deposit buildup and oxidation due to thermal break down. That’s why we offer a full line a full line of heavy duty transmission and automotive fluids incorporating high performance, thermally stable base oils and robust additive systems to extend transmission life.

Duralene Transmission Fluids Include:

  • Universal Tractor and Hydrostatic Fluid
  • Caterpillar TO-4 fluid
  • Eaton Roadranger SAE 50 transmission fluid
  • Allison TES 295 fluid
  • Global Universal Synthetic transmission fluid
  • Former Dexron III type fluid
  • And many others

To learn more about our transmission fluids (including all their OEM approvals), other lubrication products, or our services, please contact us.

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