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Dura-Check Fluid Analysis

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The coolant and lubricant fluids contained in your equipment’s sump possess a wealth of information. If you elect to dispose of that information, you are missing a big opportunity. Used fluid analysis is one of the most important components of a predictive maintenance program and is invaluable when determining the overall health of your fleet. Duralene® Dura-Check is a fluid analysis program that helps you decipher that information in a valuable way so that you can make proactive informed decisions.


Brian from Duralene with WearcheckComputer with Duralene Oil information

Dura-Check Fluid Analysis takes a six (6) ounce sample of your fluid and runs it through a series of tests, depending on the type of fluid, through a Laboratory Accreditation Bureau ISO/IEC 17025 certified lab. The results are emailed directly to you , as well as your Duralene Sales Representative, who will be an extra set of eyes in your maintenance program, alerting you to potential issues. Dura-Check also allows you to access your sample data via our secure cloud. Search, track, manage, and print your oil analysis sample and equipment reports.

This program pays for itself every time. We process thousands of samples each month and every fleet that makes Dura-Check Fluid Analysis part of their maintenance program has seen a return on investment.

Dura-Check Fluid Analysis will:

  • Alert you to contaminants before they impact your equipment
  • Provide you with leverage during warranty periods
  • Help you determine when components are beginning to fail
  • Establish a base line when starting an extended drain program
  • Give you a picture of the overall health of your fleet
  • Increase re-sale value

    To learn more about our Dura-Check Fluid Analysis program, our other services, or our heavy duty lubricants, please contact us.

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