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Dura-Clean Onsite Filtration


Filter cartAre you wasting good oil? Maintenance managers often drain oil systems because the oil is either dirty or contaminated. Even if the additives and thermal stability of the oil are at robust levels, the system is drained so the oil can transport harmful contaminants out of the system. For larger systems or systems with premium fluids, this cleaning method can be wasteful and very costly.

To reduce the waste of draining these fluid systems. The United Oil Company offers the state-of-the-art Dura-Clean filtration system. The Dura-Clean filtration system design utilizes patented non-channeling seals to improve partial-flow filtration by forcing all the oil through two Harvard Corporation patented filters. This system removes virtually all contaminants (not additives) down to three (3) microns absolute. Depending on the fluid being filtered, this system will remove emulsified water, antifreeze, dirt, and other fine particles.

The Dura-Clean filtration system allows maintenance managers to extend service intervals by basing fluid changes on the condition of fluids vs. misleading visual inspections. By creating a kidney loop from the equipment sump to the Dura-Clean filtration system, fluids are cleaned to new product cleanliness levels and returns to service.*

The Benefits of Dura-Clean Filtration include:

  • Substantial fluid cost savings
  • Removal of abrasive particles down to three (3) microns absolute
  • Extended fluid life
  • Reduced waste disposal
  • Reduced inventory requirements
  • Optimized component life
  • Reduced equipment operating costs
  • Removal of corrosivDuralene filtration samplese water and antifreeze

Mobile and Stationary Applications

  • Hydraulic
  • Engine Oil
  • Synthetic Oils
  • Water EDM machines
  • Cutting fluids and coolants
  • Refrigeration oils
  • Water glycol fire resistant fluids
  • Gear oils

*Oil samples should be drawn before and after filtration, then analyzed using Dura-Check Fluid Analysis program to ensure the equipment is in good condition and the oil remains suitable for use.






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