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Technical Support & Training

Duralene® Sales Representatives are equipment and lubrication professionals who have extensive knowledge and experience helping customers to maximize the value of their fluids. Several Duralene representatives are Certified Lubrication Specialists, meaning that they are recognized as being among the best in their profession. They offer:

For uncommon product recommendations, we utilize an industry leading, global cloud based program that allows us to quickly determine the specific fluid requirements of each reservoir on your equipment so that the best products are utilized given each machine’s operating condition and operational environment.

We offer simple and comprehensive equipment and plant lube surveys. These surveys look at every point of lubrication for every machine and determine the proper fluid based on operating conditions and maintenance goals.

Brian from Duralene with Wearcheck

Professional lube surveys typically result in:

  • Product consolidation
  • Proper lubricant application
  • Reduced lubricant usage
  • Improved lube-room organization
  • Improved lubricant storage
  • Longer equipment life


Duralene Sales Representatives and Technical Representatives hold training clinics and seminars at your facilities, helping you continuously improve your knowledge on the products that you purchase from us. We will educate your crews on the proper procedures for pulling representative oil samples and other important steps in lubrication.

For technical support and training options, or more information on our services or our heavy duty lubricants, please contact us.

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